Alexiz Motorsports, Inc.


Alexiz Motorsports, Inc. was Founded by
Pro-Engine Builder/Designer Alexi Sahagian

Alexiz Motorsports Inc. offers a variety of custom specialty CNC parts solutions. We have designed and distributed high-performance competition EFI engine and wiring kits for several applications. We specialize in distributing partial engine kits, partial engine assemblies, assembled short & long blocks, balanced rotating assemblies, custom cylinder heads, and all the other hardcore engine internal, external and electronics parts along with drive solutions. We also specialize in custom compound supercharged, twin turbocharged, supercharged carbureted and sequential fuel injected complete V8 endurance dry sump competition power plant kit designs ranging from 300 to 1000+ cubic inches – with no set limits.

Founder Alexi Sahagian started out as a youngster assisting his father building pleasure & race engines for cars and boats. Alexi and his father Hank built several of there own engines in both the Automotive and Marine competition applications along with other engines for conventional boats and street racing machines. During high school, Alexi ventured into building the Boostpower Usa Inc. business model. He soon thereafter was sitting in just about every tech school and began to study Electronic Fuel Injection. Soon thereafter Alexi began to develop small Fuel Injection Systems and test them on his own Championship bracket racing 1989 IROC-Z tuned port efi Camaro. His Camaro was his Dyno test bed for some time testing new products and mastering them. He would put several engine packages into that car to test the various components prior to offering one to the public. His dedication to master knowledge of a product and combination was paramount.

In 1991, Alexi built his first Dyno Test Lab to test engines in the upstairs area in his first Agoura Hills, California Automotive and Marine Facility open to the public. After countless hours of testing, Alexi became very familiar with big horsepower combinations, drivability concerns and soon created a small engine & product line for automotive & marine competition & production use.

The new products were a success both in pleasure boats, street cars and full race multi-vehicle applications. His passion for excellence was beyond normal. Alexi would spend countless hours testing and developing high performance items to beat the competition and or just better an existing product. At this early age, Alexi’s hobby was endurance water ski racing. He had several accomplishments with drag racing cars, speed skiing and Jr. Boat Racing events at this early age. Alexi had built several engines, drives and other automotive projects in which gave him an edge in the late 90’s to take the next step with his then small company Boostpower Usa Inc. While professionally Offshore Powerboat Racing, he moved into a 30,000+ square ft. facility and set it all up for the ultimate high performance engine, service and product testing & Mfg. facility. Alexi set this building up with two state of the art Dyno Test Cells, two Propshaft Dyno Machines, the ultimate Crane System along with several other attributes to make for an awesome functional high performance unlimited facility. Alexi wanted to take a little East Coat and West Coast style and put it into one place here out West were his headquarters would be. In early 2000, Alexi made a deal to sell the Automotive mail order interest in the business to a 3rd Party. After this deal was commenced, Alexi decided to fully dedicate his love & efforts toward mainly custom marine and exotic off-road engine designs, fuel injection systems, specialty rigging and just plain outright custom fabricated parts and exotic performance builds related.