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This is a Raylar “Cool Gap” performance intake manifold for the 496 8.1 liter engine. It is designed to be used with the Raylar cylinder heads. It also can be installed on the stock cylinder heads for the 8.1 liter engine.

MORE INFO: Raylar BigPower engine kits consist of specially developed 496-8.1 engine parts that Raylar has engineered, built and tested to work as a total system on your 496-8.1 engine. They are combined to develop maximum power and efficiency from your engine by making sure that all these parts work together and maximize the total power they can develop as a kit system. Our BigPower kits are also designed to make sure that the fit, finish and reliability of all the various parts of these kits is produced to insure many hours and miles of trouble free use. The materials, manufacturing and engineering that produce these parts are some of the finest available and are all from right here in the good ‘ol USA! You should not consider these parts as just “bolt on parts,” they are complete system upgrades to the existing stock factory parts on your engine with seriously better design, construction and performance.

Raylar BigPower kits are compiled to offer various stages and levels of upgrades to the 496-8.1 engine family, Raylar knows that all of our customers have differing needs and budgets so the kits are offered in various types to fit most of the common requirements.

BCK kits include various camshafts of different sizes depending on use.

BK kits are less camshafts for those customers who choose not to change camshafts at this time. They may also be less intake manifolds for those customers who are continuing to use the stock intake manifold, or possibly adding supercharging to their 496-8.1 engine. In any case, all of Raylar’s kist include our BigPower aluminum cylinder heads, ARP head bolts, and our special Cometic MLS head gaskets. In addition to these components, customers may order BigPower kits that include our “CoolGap” intake manifold, stainless roller rockers in different ratios and may also have camshafts of various types and sizes depending on how those customers 469-8.1 engines will be used. Special added components such as polished stainless head bolts and Inconel exhaust valves can be incorporated into our kits to meet special customer needs. Remember that matched components always represent the best vaue in cost and performance!

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