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New for 2005 is a redesigned series of Bravo drives. Featuring a new cone clutch and shift engagement strategy with MPI engines, these drives shift like silk while delivering rock-crushing torque. New graphics and a new, sleek shape to the upper unit highlight the new design that delivers best-in-class shifting. All X Drives now feature the ribbed top that reinforces the steel chimney securing bearings under high load.


Precision shimmed near-net forged steel gears for strength and durability.
Heavy-duty U-joint reliably transmits monster torque loads.
Reinforced ribbed top cap & steel chimney reliably secure bearings under high load.
XK360 low copper alloy for corrosion resistance.
Tri-Paint System (Irridite, EDP & Powder Paint) creates a tough, durable corrosion resistant barrier.
Armored trim lines protect hydraulic system from debris.

Bravo One’s performance torpedo & Dual Water Pick-ups that allow high X-Dimensions make it the industry leader for top-speed performance.
Large propellers on Bravo Two maximize lift and thrust for large boats under 45 mph.
Twin props & large rudder area with Bravo Three allows uncompromised handling for single-engine boats up to 65 mph.
Trim limit switch sets drive angle for maximum performance every time.
Through-Prop exhaust maximizes power and reduces noise levels.
Easy Ownership

Drive Lube Monitor – Alarm warns if drive lube is low. Engine mounting allows easy inspection and fill without the cost to pull a boat from the water.
Permalube® U-Joint – No Maintenance Required.
Maintenance Free Hinge Pins – No added cost to pull a boat from the water.
Greaseable Drive Coupler – No added cost to pull a boat from the water.
Greaseable Gimbal Bearing – Do not need to remove the drive for service.

Power Trim XD® Automatically Returns the Drive to the Water to Maintain Full Control of Boat in Case of an Emergency.
MerCathode® monitors the galvanic potential of the drive and counteracts corrosion with a metered electrical charge providing continuous cathodic protection.
Engine Guardian System® with MPI engines protects the drive from damage from low lubricant levels.